Are Used Cars Cheaper To Insure?

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In short--no. Used cars are generally more expensive than new cars to insure, however, each case is different, and when you buy from our Delphos area used car dealer, our certified technicians ensure that each car is fit to show on our lot with a multi-point inspection, and all of our cars come with a free CarFax report so you know about the accident history, maintenance records, and ownership history from the start.

Higher Theft Rate

While it may seem intuitive that new cars are more often stolen, used cars are actually more prone to theft since thieves can easily disassemble them and sell their parts. Insurance companies will want to compensate for the higher likelihood that your car is stolen with a higher premium.

Safety Features

While many of our cars are only a couple years old, meaning the safety technologies on them are largely the same as brand new ones being rolled off the production line, older cars don't have a lot of the same safety features. The less safe the car, the more an insurance company will want to charge for a premium due to an increased risk of accident. Driver-assist technologies like Forward Collision Warning and automatic braking have drastically reduced accident rates across the country, so when a car is lacking those it can be more expensive to insure.

Why Used Cars Can Be Less Expensive Than New Cars

At the end of the day, your driving record is the most important factor in determining how much you'll pay for insurance. If someone with a poor driving record buys a nicer car with a higher cost of repair, they'll almost certainly be paying more than a person with a pristine record driving a used car. As long as you practice safe driving, you'll be paying lower premiums.

Another way to save money is to sit down with the experts at our Delphos area used car finance center. We'll use our various relationships with major financial institutions to get you the most competitive rate possible so you don't need to sweat a few extra bucks on your insurance premium.

Contact us today with any questions about insuring a used car. We're looking forward to assisting you!

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